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Basic Construction Refresher  7.5 Hrs. CE

March 1 8:30 AM

The course is designed as a review of fundamental construction methods, both old and new, in residential real estate. The course covers construction from site preparation through completion. Major components of a house are identified, including building materials and mechanical systems. Further, The course reveals red flags that are discernible when inspecting a home for a listing, sale, or valuation. Finally, The course describes how physical and functional issues in houses affect value. Classroom CE courses do not require a test to receive credit. Attend, pay attention, learn and receive credit! 

It is impossible to replicate the rich learning experience of the classroom through a Online program and a computer screen.  The Professional Career Center has been training New York Real Estate Professionals in our classroom for over 25 years at the same Syracuse, New York location.   The ability to ask questions and participate in classroom discussions can not be replicated through email or chat.  Our instructors are experienced New York licensed Real Estate professionals.  They use their real life experiences (in New York Appraisal) to bring the curriculum alive for better understanding and a livelier presentation.  Many online programs feature experienced instructors…in most cases,  that experience wasn’t from  practice in New York.

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Course will review fundamental construction methods in residential real estate.  New construction, from site preparation to Certificate of Occupancy will be reviewed.  The effects of physical and functional issues on value will be discussed.  In addition, the following topics will be explored: 

  • Building Envelope/Foundations
  • Types of Construction & Siding
  • Roof Styles/Materials
  • Interior Construction
  • Plumbing/Electrical 
  • HVAC
  • Environmental Issues
  • Electrical Systems
  • Indoor air quality
Basic Construction Refresher 7.5 Hours Appraisal CE 69.00 March 1 (ID #9596)
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