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Home-ownership rates are the lowest they have been in over fifty years. Julian Castro, Secretary of  Housing and Urban Development (HUD), said his agency wants to change that during a recent town hall meeting hosted by George Washington University. “If it was true that a few years ago it was too easy to get a home loan, the story of the last couple of years has been that for middle-class folks, whether they are first-time home buyer or not, it has been too difficult,” Castro said. And while improving access to credit has become a big goal of HUD, they are also challenged with making sure they put in enough safeguards to prevent another housing crisis, Castro said.

In January, of this year,  the Federal Housing Administration reduced mortgage insurance premiums, a move intended to help save the average home buyer about $900 a year.

FHA Mortgages are poised to become an ever larger factor in the real estate market as the housing market improves.  Understanding FHA property analysis will help real estate professionals gain a larger piece of this market.

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