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The poll was not scientific, 127 respondents took poll, some respondents did not complete all questions. The poll, like all of our polls, was confidential and we did not collect any information on those who took the time to respond.  Thank you to those who participated-check out this month’s poll about RPAC NY political contributions.

Do these antitrust actions concern you? Yes-73% No-18% Not Sure-9%
Do you think that the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) and the other defendants will be able to prevail and beat back these challenges? Yes-1% No-27% Not Sure-73%
Do you think the Buyer Broker Compensation rule should be dropped? Dropped-45% Modified-27% Remain as is-27%
Do you think the Clear Cooperation Rule should be dropped? Dropped-9% Modified-45% Remain as is-45%
Most of the legal actions involve MLS policy and regulations.  Do you think NAR and the MLS should be separated like NAR and realtor.com were? Yes-55% No-9% Not Sure-36%
If NAR were separated from the MLS would you still maintain your Association memberships? Yes-18% No-55% Not Sure-27%