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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo  announced the designation of two new Brownfield Opportunity Areas in Onondaga County and Steuben County. The designations, in the Village of East Syracuse in Onondaga County , will help communities develop strategies to revitalize neighborhoods affected by dormant and blighted properties and rebuild areas to create a vibrant economy and spur progress.

“Brownfield designations help equip communities with the tools and resources they need to revitalize blighted areas and turn them into economic engines,” Governor Cuomo said. “These transformations will build on our successful efforts to spur job creation and support the growth of vibrant communities across New York.”

The Brownfield Opportunity Area Program is administered by the New York Department of State. The new designations bring the total number of designated Brownfield Opportunity Areas in New York State to 40. To facilitate the work required to achieve a designation, the sponsoring communities received funding through the program to complete a nomination containing revitalization strategies specifically developed to promote sound redevelopment and enhanced environmental quality within the affected areas. The Village of East Syracuse Brownfield Opportunity Area, Onondaga County
The Village of East Syracuse Brownfield Opportunity Area is a former industrial, manufacturing and railroad-related area of 354 acres, located in eastern Onondaga County adjacent to the City of Syracuse. Key recommendations focus on projects and other actions that will become catalysts for redevelopment of the area, including: repositioning the Manlius Street Business District as a thriving mixed-use downtown that serves residents of the Village as well as surrounding communities; increasing and diversifying local employment opportunities; improving the quality of the housing stock and increasing owner-occupied housing; addressing brownfield, vacant and underutilized sites; capitalizing on the presence of Bristol-Myers Squibb; facilitating new and expanded compatible commercial, manufacturing and light industrial business uses; and enhancing pedestrian and bicycle connectivity and safety. A $121,505 Brownfield Opportunity Area Program grant financed planning activities for the area.

The designation may effect property values in the designated area and those in immediate proximity real estate licensees and appraiser should stay tuned.

Daily Definition:  Highest and Best Use-The legally and physically possible use of land that is likely to produce the highest land (or property) value.  It considers the balance between site and improvements as well as the intensity and length of uses.