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Paper House Background

Effective January 1, 2017 any Broker or Salesperson who renews their license must fulfill the “law of agency” continuing education requirement.  This new requirement is in addition to the “fair housing” 3 hour continuing education requirement.


Section  1.  Paragraph (a) of subdivision 3 of section 441 of the real property law, as amended by section 1 of part D of chapter 328 of the laws of 2014, is amended to read as follows:


No renewal license shall be issued any licensee under this article for any license period commencing November first, nineteen hundred nine ty-five unless such licensee shall have within the two year period immediately preceding such renewal attended at least twenty-two and one-half hours which shall include at least three hours of instruction pertaining to  fair  housing  and/or  discrimination  in the sale or rental of real property or an interest in real property, at least one hour of instruction pertaining to the law of agency except in the case of the initial two-year licensing term for real estate salespersons, two hours of agency related instruction must be completed, and successfully complete a continuing education real estate course or courses approved by the secretary of state.


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