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The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University is a research center that focuses on housing matters. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Center advances understanding of housing issues and informs policy


Location: Virtual

Speaker(s): Jenny Schuetz, Christian Dorsey

The nation’s growing geographic, economic, and demographic divides are reflected in and exacerbated by inequalities in housing markets, argues Jenny Schuetz in her new book, Fixer-Upper: How to Repair America’s Broken Housing Systems. At this event, Schuetz, a senior fellow at Brookings Metro (and former Meyer Fellow at the Center), will discuss the structural problems within US housing systems that contribute to widely disparate outcomes. In addition, she will offer practical—but politically challenging—policy changes than can help build a more equitable and healthy country by providing stable, decent-quality, affordable housing for all.

 Christian Dorsey, Vice-Chair of the Arlington (VA) County Board and Chair of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, will draw on his experiences as an elected official to comment on Schuetz’s presentation.

This event will be held on Zoom