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We have done several Zoom classes over the last two months.  Overall we are very pleased with the results.  We are using a rather sophiscated Learning Management System to conduct the classes and meet out regulatory obligations.  NYS DOS has very specific requirements for schools offering real estate education.  If you are meeting those requirements students could lose their credits or have difficulty meeting audit regulations, should they occur.  Certainly there has been a learning curve and considerable investment in equipment and software but it seems to be paying off.  Everytime we hold a classroom course our instructors become more relaxed with the platform.  Certainly the platform allows students to participate in the class room discussions through-out the entire course and benefit from the questions and experiences of the other professionals in the program.  It is really interesting to hear the comments when we are offering CE courses that are approved for all three disciplines: real estate, appraisal, and assessors.  Each discipline has a different perspective on the transaction and everyone benefits from the insights gained from these classroom discussions.  Access to Zoom will be beneifical when someone can’t make it into the classroom (we have a few socially distanced seats) we can reassign them to the Zoom class and they can still receive credit while being at home or wherever their device is located.  One of our registered attendees for today’s class could not get back because of quarintine so we switched them over to Zoom ten minutes before meeting start and they have their credit.  It will be a great tool for bad weather cancellations, not that it could happen in CNY.  Anyway with some experience under our belt we think this new delivery system will be a great tool for our professions.  Nothing like the experience of classroom education – no matter where you take your courses – give it a try.