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This course is designed to give real estate professionals the tools they need to become more knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of valuation, market research, and an expanded vocabulary. They will also accumulate 7.5 hours of continuing education toward the required elective hours. 

First the course will define the seven characteristics of real estate including the four value characteristics (demand, utility, scarcity, and transferability) that all items have as well as the three physical characteristics (uniqueness, immobility, and indestructibility) that are unique to Real Estate. A discussion of public and private restrictions that can affect the value of real property and an explanation of the difference between value, price, and cost and review value principles relevant to site valuation. 

Next, we will discuss the general data and specific data which must be gathered from various sources. We will also explain how to identify a site and look at the property specific factors that affect that site. During our discussions we will review defining the market area and various ways to interpret the market area including property use residential or commercial, property type government services available and environmental factors. 

Next, we will focus on the various methods of site valuation and fully illustrate the sales comparison method and the allocation method, as well as the extraction of land residual, ground rent capitalization, and subdivision analysis methods. 

Moving on, we will look at uses for separate site valuation- highest and best use, developing the cost approach, insurance value, economic life calculations, and property taxes along with some formulas and examples. Also look at ways to increase the inherent value of land exploring assemblage, plottage, and subdivision. 

This course will provide you with all the information and tools necessary for real estate professionals to deepen their experience with the industry. Regardless of your reasons for attending, you will leave this course feeling more confident in your understanding of valuation and market research principles. Sign up today and become a stronger professional in the real estate industry! 

Whether you attend in person or live stream classroom CE (Continuing Education) does not require passing a test to receive credit. To reserve your seat complete the registration form below.

Valuation Land and Residential Sites - October 26, 2023 (ID #12379)
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