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Market Analysis

7.5 Hours CE Feb 25 – 8:30 AM $69 Attend In-Person or Live Stream via Zoom


Identifying and analyzing market forces affecting the buyers’ and sellers’ behavior is key to understanding and reporting values. This course is designed to give students the tools needed to properly collect and analyze market data. Markets, submarkets, market segmentation, supply side analysis, demand analysis and the importance of market analysis to the appraisal process are covered in this course. Classroom CE courses do not require a test to receive credit. Attend, pay attention, learn and receive credit!  

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Market Analysis 7.5 Hours CE-Feb 25 8:30 AM $69.00

It is impossible to replicate the rich learning experience of the classroom through a computer screen and online program.  The ability to ask questions and participate in classrooms can not be replicated through email or chat.  New perspectives on the course material are discovered during classroom discussions.  Hearing from fellow professionals attending the course adds a whole new dynamic.