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All of our Real Estate Pre-Licensing courses are approved by NYS DOS Division of Licensing Services to provide the information you need to fulfill NYS licensing requirements and sit for the real estate license exam.  We have provided these courses in the classroom, at the same location, for over thirty years.  We are excited to now offer these courses in the classroom, online, or a combination of both.  Our new hybrid learning system involves 40 scheduled hours in the classroom and 35 hours delivered online on your schedule and at your own pace.

Real Estate Qualifying Courses

Launch your Central New York Real Estate Career with a Local Real Estate School.  For over 25 Years we have been providing NYS Approved pre-licensing and continuing education at the same location.

We offer our courses online, in the classroom, and a combination of both classroom and online (Hybrid).  We also offer our Hybrid Course with an evening and Saturday schedule.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions we get from those looking to obtain a real estate license.  Have a question you don’t see here?  Give us a call at 315.432.1045.

How do I become a real estate salesperson or broker?

Real Estate Salesperson:
In order to qualify for licensure as a real estate salesperson, an applicant must have satisfactorily completed a 75-hour salesperson qualifying education course in real estate approved by the Secretary of State, and have passed a qualifying examination administered by the Department of State. An applicant who completed the 45-hour salesperson qualifying course prior to July 1, 2008 may complete the 30-hour remedial course in order to qualify for licensure.

Real Estate Broker:
In order to qualify for licensure as a real estate broker, an applicant must have at least two years of experience as a licensed real estate salesperson or at least three years of experience in the general real estate field ,or a combination of the both, meet the minimum points required for the experience type, (e.g., buying and selling your own property, managing property owned by your employer), have satisfactorily completed both the qualifying salesperson course of 75 hours and an additional 45-hour real estate broker course as approved by the Secretary of State, and have passed a qualifying examination administered by the Department of State. Please see application instructions for more detailed information. Please see application instructions for more detailed information.

How do I renew my real estate license if it has expired?

If you do not renew your license, you cannot conduct any real estate activities that require a New York State real estate license in accordance with Article 12-A of the Real Property Law. There are no grace periods that allow you to continue working while not licensed. You have two years from the date your license expires to renew your license. If you fail to renew within that period, you will be required to pass the state written examination. No continuing education will be required to repeat the licensing process again.

When you submit your new salesperson application, you must include the following: your new examination results, application fee, and a copy of your expired license/pocket card or ORIGINAL proof of completing the salesperson course. If possible, it is better to submit original proof of your salesperson course. If you do not have an original certificate, then call the school where you took the course to request another certificate.

If you are applying for your broker’s license, you must submit ORIGINAL proof of your 75-hour salesperson course and 45-hour broker course, or a copy of your expired broker’s license.

Do I need to be licensed?

Generally, Article 12-A of the Real Property Law provides that anyone who, on behalf of another and for a fee, 1) negotiates a sale, exchange or rental of real property, 2) collects rent, or 3) negotiates a commercial loan secured by a mortgage must be licensed as a real estate broker.

What is included in the course?

New York State has a mandated course curriculum (75 Hours) that is included, a textbook (great reference tool) is included in the classroom course fee (both Classroom & Hybrid), and the NYS mandatory course exam.  The difference with our course is that we include information and discussion about the business.  We cover questions about how you select a broker, how to calculate commission splits, what is the Association of REALTORS® and should I join.  

What is the difference between real estate broker and real estate salesperson?

What is the difference between a real estate broker and a real estate salesperson?
A real estate broker is responsible for the supervision and conduct of the real estate brokerage business. He or she applies for and holds the license on behalf of the brokerage. This person is known as the “representative broker.” A real estate salesperson works for and is supervised by the representative broker. The salesperson acts as the representative broker’s agent. All listings, although perhaps negotiated by a salesperson, are accepted by the representative broker.