R-5 Basic Appraisal Principles 

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R-5 Basic Appraisal Principles

This course provides an overview of real property concepts and characteristics, legal considerations, value influences, real estate finance, types of value, economic principles, real estate markets and analysis, and ethics in appraisal.  Through theory, case studies, and examples, this course offers practical application of appraisal principles.  Drill problems and a short case study allow students to put into practice the techniques presented in the course.  Qualifying Course approved for Appraisers and Assessors.

Course Dates August 20 – 23, 2018 Monday – Thursday

Instructor:  Kenneth Guilfoyle, AQB Certified Instructor

Registration Fee:  $359.00 (Includes Text)  To register for this course click the “Register Here” button below and fill out the form then click “submit”.  Seats in this course are limited and subject to availability.  Seats are confirmed upon receipt of registration fee.