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Due to the ongoing Pandemic all of our classroom classes will be held as a Zoom Class.  The virtual online classroom allows for interaction with the instructor, group discussions without any of the travel.  Classroom continuing education protects everyone’s safety without the boredom of reading and clicking and there are no tests required!  You can even take your CE while in quarentine!  We still offer a complete catalog of Online Classes (Qualifying & CE) available anytime and all the time on your schedule.  Enter this discount code at check-out and get 10% off any Online Course:  QUARANTINE10.  Offer expires 11:59 PM July 31, 2020 


This continuing education course provides a refresher on agency relationships and disclosure obligations, as well as fair housing. Discussion will include: difference between clients or customers, basic duties owed to client, how an agency relationship is formed, federal and state laws addressing fair housing, implications of violations of discrimination…more. $29.00

4.0 CE Hours.
May 28 -10 AM
Satisfies 3.0 Fair Housing Requirement and 1.0 Agency Requirement

Valuation of Land and Residential Sites for Real Estate Licensee

Land value analysis is very different than valuing residential housing. Valuation of Land and Residential Sites for Real Estate Licensees is a unique 7.5 Hour CE Course for Real Estate Licensees. The course will cover Basic Concepts of Land Valuation and factors affecting the valuation of land including physical, economic, governmental, and social factors and finally the collection and analysis of data for proper valuation. $99.00 Textbook Included.

June 1 – 9:00 AM
7.5 hrs CE Credit
Includes Textbook


Establishing value of 2-4 Family & Multi-Family Properties will increase the level of knowledge of the scope of work involved with income-producing properties. This text identifies key elements of market analysis of two- to four-family and multifamily properties and distinguishes which features and characteristics are important to a licensee’s analysis. Students will also learn how to analyze income and expenses and how this analysis is used in a valuation of an income-producing property. Appropriate income methodologies and how they apply to income-producing properties are also discussed. $99.00 Textbook Included.

June 4 8:30 AM
7.5 Hours CE
Includes Textbook

75 Hour NYS Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course

This course was designed to meet the 75-hour pre-licensing curriculum requirement for real estate brokers as set forth by the State of New York. This comprehensive course covers the fundamentals of the real estate profession as needed to implement the required NY 75-hour curriculum requirement. The course introduces students to everything from real estate law to property management — everything future real estate professionals need to know to not only pass the state licensing exam but successfully enter their new career.  Textbook Included.

Pre-License Course
June 8 8:30 AM
Monday thru Friday 2 Weeks

Ethics, Agency and Fair Housing  7.5 Hours CE

The course provides a thorough review of ethics in real estate intended to give the licensee a more complete understanding of professional business practices. This course presents a refresher on agency relationships and disclosure obligations as well as fair housing and discrimination. It also examines various laws, thus giving context and perspective on ethical behavior. The course presents a thorough look at the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of REALTORS® and its dispute resolution process. Finally, it provides insight into applying ethical behavior to all manners of business activity and communication, including social media. $99.00 Includes Textbook

June 25 8:30 AM
7.0 Hours Ce Appraisal
Includes Textbook