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R9 Sales & Income Approach – 30Hours June 25-28, 2024 8:30 AM course $399

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It is impossible to replicate the rich learning experience of the classroom through a Online program and a computer screen.  The Professional Career Center has been training New York real estate licensees in our classroom for over 25 years at the same Syracuse, New York location.   The ability to ask questions and participate in classroom discussions can not be replicated through email or chat.  Our instructors are experienced New York licensed real estate professionals.  They use their real life experiences (in New York real estate) to bring the curriculum alive for better understanding and a livelier presentation.  Many online programs feature experienced instructors…in most cases,  that experience wasn’t from  practice in New York.

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Course Description

This course is designed to provide the student with a comprehensive knowledge of the development and application of the sales comparison approach and the income of valuation and appraisal standards apply to an assignment in which the sales comparisons and/or income approach is relevant in the scope of work, and details the development steps in the appraisal process through reconciliation. As part of the progression, the student will become acquainted with accepted methodology and techniques that can be applied in the assignment using the sales comparison and/or income approaches. Included and emphasized, through numerous illustrations and application case studies, are choosing comparable data, derivation and application of adjustments for various elements, derivation and application of rates capitalization, and the logic and rationale applied during reconciliation. Also included is an introduction to the HP 12c financial calculator as well as a discussion about using the sales comparison and income approaches in special situations. 

R9 Sales & Income Approaches June 25-28, 2024

The Professional Career Center, a Licensed Real Estate School by New York State, provides the pre-licensing course(s) and Continuing Education Courses for Licensed Appraisers. Options for participation include both in-person attendance and live streaming through Zoom. Classroom Continuing Education Courses DO NOT require passing a course examination for CE Credit, whether you attend In-Person or Live Stream via Zoom. Those attending Live Stream must use a camera and microphone equipped device per NYS DOS regulations for attendance verification.

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