315-432-1045 info@pccsyr.com

Authorized Testing Center for:

PSI®, PAN®, Scantron® and Kryterion®.  FastFingerprints.

Covid protocols are in place.  Face masks are required for candidates. No personal effects will be stored.  All storage must be in vehicle.  ALL appointments must be made with your test provider.  

The Professional Career Center does not have access to scheduling of tests.  All scheduling/cancellations must be done through the individual testing company or test sponsor.  Customer service numbers below.  Please review the confirmation email issued for your appointment to determine the procedure for re-scheduling or cancelling.    Please carefully review confirmation for list of items prohibited from the testing room.  Thank You.

Click Here for directions to the Professional Career Center, Inc.  6443 Ridings Road (Suite 108) Syracuse, New York 13206.

Click Here for Area Hotels.

PSI®/LaserGrade Customer Service:   1-800-367-1565  Click Here for PSI Website 

Pan® Customer Service:  1-877-449-8378 Click Here for PAN Website

Scantron/Castle® Worldwide Customer Service:  1-919-572-6880   Click Here for Castle Worldwide Website

Kryterion® Customer Service: 1-866-579-8374  Click Here for Kryterion Online Website