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According to a recent article posted on Inman News by Andrea V. Brambila, employees of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) have called for the resignations of the trade organization’s CEO Bob Goldberg, President Tracy Kasper, Chief Legal Officer Katie Johnson, and head of HR Donna Gland1.

The demand for resignations comes after allegations of a toxic work environment and the protection of those accused of misconduct within NAR’s leadership. A letter, written by approximately a dozen NAR staffers, was presented to the Executive Committee during a meeting held over Zoom1.

In addition to the resignations, the letter also calls for the appointment of John Pierpoint as interim CEO of NAR. It further suggests the retention of an independent HR firm and outside legal counsel chosen by staff1.

NAR spokesperson Mantill Williams acknowledged that the views expressed in the letter may not be representative of the majority. However, he stated that the organization takes the issues raised seriously and will continue to engage with employees to strengthen NAR1.

This incident highlights the internal strife within NAR and the growing concerns over the alleged toxic work environment. It remains to be seen how the organization will respond to these demands and address the issues raised by its employees1.


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