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Resignation of NAR President Kenny Parcell after NYT Exposé on Sexual Harassment

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is currently grappling with a major crisis as its president, Kenny Parcell, steps down in the wake of a damning exposé conducted by The New York Times. The investigation shed light on numerous allegations of sexual harassment within the organization, leading to an outcry from both industry insiders and the public. This blog post aims to discuss the details of the expose and delve into the subsequent resignation of the NAR president.

The Exposé and Allegations: In an extensive investigative report published by The New York Times, a disturbing culture of sexual harassment within the NAR was brought to the forefront. The exposé highlighted testimonies from 29 current and former employees and leaders who shared their distressing experiences. The allegations centered primarily around Kenny Parcell, who was accused of engaging in inappropriate behavior such as soliciting female employees for late-night meetings, sending explicit images, and making sexually suggestive comments.

One particularly notable incident mentioned in the exposé involved Janelle Brevard, a former employee who claimed she was terminated after ending a consensual relationship with Parcell. Brevard alleged that her firing was racially motivated, as she was the only woman of color involved in such a relationship. Although she eventually dropped her lawsuit against Parcell, Brevard received a settlement of $107,000.

Calls for Accountability and Resignation: As news of the exposé spread, industry leaders and professionals expressed their concern and demanded accountability within the NAR. Sue Yannaccone, President and CEO of Anywhere Brands, was among the first to address the allegations publicly. Yannaccone voiced her disappointment and stressed the need for immediate action against those involved.

Under mounting pressure, the NAR called for an emergency meeting during which Kenny Parcell tendered his resignation. Details of the meeting remain undisclosed, but it has been confirmed that Tracy Kasper, the President-Elect of the NAR, will assume the role of president.

The Future and Commitment to Change: In her initial statement as president, Tracy Kasper acknowledged the deep disappointment and concern stemming from the alleged misconduct of Kenny Parcell. She pledged to create a more inclusive, safe, and respectful working environment for NAR staff and members. Kasper outlined plans to enhance internal policies and practices related to sexual harassment and discrimination, underscoring the importance of implementing lasting positive change.

The resignation of Kenny Parcell as president of the NAR following The New York Times’ exposé underscores the urgent need for addressing issues of sexual harassment within the organization. The NAR has taken a significant step towards rebuilding trust and fostering a culture of respect and accountability. Going forward, it is imperative for the NAR to implement robust measures to prevent such incidents and ensure a secure professional environment for all its members and employees.